The purpose of this is to

                                                                 REMOVE THE MASK OF WEIRD SECRECY


                                                                       LIFT THE DARK VAIL OF MYSTERY


                                                  THE MISSISSIPPI WHITE KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN

and permit the reader to look into the most secret chambers of the Invisible Empire and learn for himself the inside facts about

                                                                   WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR.


The Ku Klux Klan is a Secret, Fraternal, Benevolent and Patriotic Order. It is strictly an AMERICAN organization, by native born AMERICANS, for AMERICAN citizens; to defend, perpetuate and promulgate AMERICAN ideals, principles, and institutions. It is strictly a white man's organization-not to foster racial hatred or harm the negro; but to preserve the purity of the white Caucasian blood, oppose the intermarriage of races and maintain forever the doctrine of white supremacy. It is strictly a Protestant Christian organization-not to foster religious prejudice or foster religious intolerance; but to defend and uphold the sacred traditions, holy doctrines and sublime principles of Protestantism and exalt the living Christ. It is strictly a Gentile organization-not to fight and persecute the Jew or teach racial hatred; but to preserve and perpetuate the ideals and traditions of the white Gentile race. It is strictly a fraternal organization- not to encourage, condone or practice the boycot; but to stand by each other in times of need in all things honorable, and to help, aid and assist each other in all just and worthy undertakings. It is strictly a benevolent organization-not to encourage promiscuous begging and indolence; but to relieve the injured and the oppressed; to succor the suffering and unfortunate. It is strictly a moral organization-not to regulate individual conduct by force or fear; but to develop a dependable character, shield the sanctity of the home, protect the purity of womanhood, teach and practice clean living and a right relationship toward God and man. It is strictly a patriotic organization-not to promote the interest of any particular political party; but to develop and train good citizenship, promulgate the principles of a pure Americanism, respect, defend and honor our country's blood-bought flag, uphold the Constitution of the United States, obey and help enforce the laws of our country, and in every honorable way to promote the general welfare of good goverment. The Invisible Empire is founded on sterling character, and immutable principles, based upon sacred sentiment and cemented by noble purposes. It is promoted by a sincere, unselfish devotion of the souls of men, and is governed by their consecrated intelligence. It is the soul of chilvary, virtue's impenetrable shield; and the devout impule of an unconquered race.

In view of the above facts, the Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is worthy of the respect, confidence and support of all good men.